Help Arab/Muslim LGBT at Risk!

Seeking Aid For Transgender Immigrant To America

An Egyptian trans woman is at risk and needs to get out of Egypt where it's considered illegal to be transgender and gay.


Tw// abuse & transphobia

Retaj suffers from extreme abuse from her family for being trans and was arrested by the police for her eyebrows for being 'too feminine' despite appearing as a man in public for her safety. Although being trans is punishable by death, she is not married and instead got 100 lashes and was jailed for 1 year. She needs money for food and other necessities & hopefully soon to escape Yemen.

Help Osman Escape

Osman is a 16 year old gay man from Somalia who needs help because two of his friends found out he's gay and is blackmailing him. Being LGBT in Somalia is punishable by death and Osman hopes to raise enough money to leave the country to somewhere safe.

Help Yahyia

tw// abuse & transphobia

Yahyia is a transgender man from Yemen who has been tortured & threatened by his family. Although he was able to get out of his home city, he is still in danger of being arrested and facing harassment for being trans. He hopes to raise enough money to move out the country to somewhere safer and also needs money for food and rent.


Tw// rape, transphobia & abuse

Maha is a Kuwaiti trans woman who was jailed for being trans and was raped and abused by police men. Maha finds it difficult to find a job & needs money for essentials such as food, medicine, rent, etc. She was currently released from jail & expressed wanting to move someone safer.